AGM May 2021

Sandwich in Bloom Annual General Meeting 

May 2021 

Under our constitution we are committed to call an  Annual General Meetings at which members of the management team will submit for election or re-election. 

Due to the current social restrictions in place the AGM this year will be managed via email. 

Please see the two attachments covering the Chair and Treasurers Report.  


Votes are sought on the election of a chair, secretary and treasurer, as well as other members of the committee. Please note the position of Secretary will be a shared responsible.  

The following people have offered to stand for re-election.  

Chair: Carole George, nominated by Bob Ward 

Secretary:  Janet Haines , Beth Selwood, nominated by Carole George 

Treasurer : Bob Ward, nominated by John Van der Dol 

Other Committee Members: John Vand der Dol, Sarah Doyle, Anne Fox, Karen Hodgson, Karen Kennedy. Colin Wiles nominated by Janet Haines. 

You are invited to nominate others for the above positions, or vote ‘for’ or ‘against’ those nominated above. 

Please submit your voting intentions to  Janet Haines by Wednesday 2nd June, 2021. Email address 

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