Festive Tree Trail

There are 12 Christmas Trees around Sandwich which have been placed by Sandwich in Bloom. We are inviting everyone to decorate these trees with us. Each tree has a colour scheme and and Christmas, Festive or Winter decoration of this colour can be added.

We hope that as well as helping to decorate our trees you will enjoy the trees that have been put up and decorated by our town businesses and residents. The town is looking beautiful this winter. The challenge is to see how many you can find.

Please down load the pdf below for clues to where the trees for decoration can be found and a map to keep track of all the trees that you find.

Special Events for 2021

Sadly our plans for 2020 have been delayed until 2021. Our plans remain the same and we hope to be able to put on a colourful display this summer, but we will have to wait and see what happens!

2021 will be a special year for Sandwich. We are hosting the 149th Open Golf Championship and entering the South East in Bloom Competition for the first time. We want our town to be stunning for both of these events. The SiB committee are working hard to make sure that public areas are blooming and are encouraging local businesses and residents to do the same.

As well as our annual competition (see below) we are hosting a competition for local businesses.

The winner will be judged by the public: whichever gets most like or loves. We simply ask that businesses submit a picture of their frontage to us at by the 7th of July. We will then post the pictures on our and various Sandwich facebook pages, sit back and count the likes/loves. A great way to get free publicity, inspire visitors to the town with beautiful floral displays and have fun! You might even make it a golf theme, the only rule for our competition is that it must include plants, whether inside or out.

Blooming fun Sandwich quiz

Predictions for the Sandwich in Bloom 2025 competition already abound and the town’s folk are sharpening up their pruners and filling their water butts in preparation.

Identify the hot favourite by answering the clues in the file below, the locations of all of the answers are shown on the map. Directions for moving from location to location are provided, but you can do them in any order. The clues are not in the same order as the locations.

As you find the numerical answer to each clue, cross off the corresponding flower picture. At the end you will be left with the bloom which is predicted to win!

We estimate that it will take about an hour to complete the quiz.

The solutions to the quiz are provided in the second file, should you need them!

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