Blooming fun Sandwich quiz

Predictions for the Sandwich in Bloom 2025 competition already abound and the town’s folk are sharpening up their pruners and filling their water butts in preparation.

Identify the hot favourite by answering the clues in the file below, the locations of all of the answers are shown on the map. Directions for moving from location to location are provided, but you can do them in any order. The clues are not in the same order as the locations.

As you find the numerical answer to each clue, cross off the corresponding flower picture. At the end you will be left with the bloom which is predicted to win!

We estimate that it will take about an hour to complete the quiz.

The solutions to the quiz are provided in the second file, should you need them!

Printed copies of the quiz can be found at The Drill Hall, The Salutation Gardens Cafe, The Guildhall Tourist Information Centre, Age Concern Charity Shop, Sandwich Leisure Holiday Park, The Red Cow, Sandwich Card Gallery, Balloons R Us and Rose ‘n’ Tonys on King Street.

Sandwich in Bloom local competition

SIB management team have congratulated the following residents and businesses for their outstanding floral displays in 2018.   

  • Best pub / licensed venue
Winner – Fleur de Lis
Highly Commended – The New Inn
  • Best front garden
Winner – 2 The Beagrums, The Butts
Highly Commended – 15 Wantsume Lees
Highly Commended – 123 Woodnesborough Road
Highly Commended – 135 St Barts Road
  • Best row or street
Winner – Potter Street
Highly Commended – The High Street
Highly Commended – Hawthorne Cottages, Woodnesborough Road
  • Best shop / small business
Winner – The Hunt Gallery
Highly Commended – Papas Fish & Chips
  • Best residence
Winner – 9 Bowling Street
Highly Commended – Elizabeth Cottage, High Street
Highly Commended – Cucumber Cottage, Fisher Street
Highly Commended – St Thomas’s Hospital
  • Judges special award
Co-op Garden and Herb Box
The Kings Arms Garden
The Bowling Club
The Manwood School
St Peters Church, Secret Garden and Milk Alley
  • Ongoing Excellence
17 Willowbank
St Barts Hospital
Love Lane/St Peters Street

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