We are very grateful to everyone who supports us, in so many different ways.

Our thanks for their generous donations go to:

Archers Low Nursery Nick Cunningham
Plumbing & Heating
Blue Studio Interiors
who designed, paid for & maintain the horse trough in Market Street
Prince’s golf club
Carole GeorgeRoyal St George’s golf club
Cllr John Bragg Sandwich Chamber of Commerce
Collection of Sandwich
who sponsored the geranium towers outside of St Peter’s Church
Sandwich Honfleur
Twinning Association
Co-op Sandwich Music Group
Costa Coffee Sandwich Rotary
Discovery Park Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
Dover CollegeSandwich Town Council
Dover District Council SAWWES
Dover District Lottery St Clement’s Church
who sponsored the Geranium towers in No Name Street
Vatttenfall Wind Power Ltd
Kent County Council

There is a small but dedicated committee which oversees the project. Currently this consists of Sarah Doyle, Anne Fox , Carole George, Karen Hodgson, Janet Haines,Karen Kennedy, John van der Dol and Bob Ward.

Special thanks go to Howard Norton who spearheaded the project and who is responsible for much of our success to date. Sadly he is no longer part of the team.

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